Appendix 5 Template Data Processor Agreement

It is an independent authority created under the applicable data protection law to ensure the application of data protection. Different data processing agreements are similar to this approach, with different degrees of detail. For example, this is only a small part of this section of the TimeTac agreement: You are also responsible for ensuring that some companies with which you share your users` data treat them with the same respect as you would. In recital 81, „at the end of the treatment, the subcontractor should return or delete the personal data at the choice of the person in charge of the treatment on behalf of the person in charge of the processing.“ 9.1 At the end or expiry of this data protection authority, the subcontractor ceases processing activities. On written instruction from the responsible order, the subcontractor will delete all personal data and/or return the personal data to the person in charge and delete existing copies of that data, unless applicable data protection legislation requires the subsequent retention of personal data. The processor makes sure that all subprocessors do the same thing. Make sure that both parties (you and the data processor) actually sign the agreement to make it enforceable. Refers to all transactions or transactions carried out in an automated manner on personal data, such as collection, .B, organization, organization, storage, adaptation or modification, consultation, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission (for example. B, remote data or system management), dissemination or any other supply, orientation or combination, limitation, erasure or destruction. 1.1.10 „subprocessor“ refers to any person mandated by or on behalf of the subcontractor to process personal data on behalf of the company in connection with the agreement. This is because, as part of this relationship, processors will share legally protected personal data with data processors, and a data protection authority will help ensure that the data processor agrees to process the data appropriately. one. The nature of the breach of personal data, including, if possible, the categories and approximate number of persons involved, as well as the approximate number of personal data involved 1.2In view of the implementation of the main agreement, certain personal data for which the processing manager is responsible is handled by the subcontractor.

The processing manager must report any serious breaches of personal data to his or her data protection authority.