Mcgill University Collective Agreements

The Working and Worker Relations Group is responsible for managing labour issues and negotiating collective agreements with 14 unions at the university. We also manage staff policies and procedures that govern non-unionized benefits, wages and working conditions. This represents a total of about 9,000 employees. The MUNACA collective agreement is available in PDF format under the links below. If you would like to obtain a printed copy of the collective agreement, you can contact a MUNACA representative or steward in your field of work. The 2010-2015 agreement is available here. To view the old MUNACA collective agreements, please contact the munaca office. In cases where the collective agreement has expired and no new collective agreement is yet signed, the existing collective agreement applies until a new collective agreement is signed. -No risk of being intransigent, but remind your superiors that you have a collective agreement that must be respected.

You are supported by your Union, and if you feel that it is a threat to your health and safety, you have the right to refuse to work under these conditions (see below). The McGill government seems to prefer confusion to clarity. This is not new, as we have already seen. When they presented the „Family Vacations“ pilot project, they did so while the unions and associations were waiting to hear from them, because we had made some suggestions for improvement. The same was true for flexible labour agreements. Unions and associations have drawn attention to problems, while unblocking the pilot project for their leaders and superiors, in order to manage and interpret them in a confusing and erroneous manner. We learned that some supervisors require staff to work in areas that are not essential to the operation of the university. Administrative merger between AMUSE and MUNACA in February 2015, but the two remain separate unions with separate collective agreements. racism has no place in our Union, in the McGill community and in our society as a whole. .

We aspire to an active dialogue with all staff throughout the year. We regularly compare with other Canadian universities by providing fair and competitive working conditions for all McGill employees. AGSEM Represents the McGill Graduate Students Association At the August 26 union council meeting, a motion was passed in support of our black and Aboriginal brothers and sisters in their request to remove the James McGill statue.