National Auto Care Vehicle Service Agreement

Driven by passion, National Auto Care has been a major supplier of financial and insurance products and programs for 35 years. We offer vehicle service contracts, limited warranties, asset protection products and protection products for special parts such as tires and wheels, keys, windshields and more on a national network of trusted local dealers. For 35 years, National Auto Care Corp. has been providing IR products, product administration, consulting, training and marketing services to independent agents and the automotive industry. Our management team has extensive experience in the automotive I industry, which allows National Auto Care to be uniquely qualified to help you grow your IR business. Launched in 1984, National Auto Care offers insurance products, automotive service contracts and additional car protection services through local dealerships in the United States. According to its website, coverage of the National Auto Care Guarantee may vary from state to state in terms of availability and plan details. To obtain a quote for a National Car Guarantee, we advise you to ask your dealer or your local financial institution if it offers national car care services. Plans are not sold directly to consumers, but you may be able to call National Auto Care to find your nearest dealer.

Has. If a specific site is not specified in your agreement, you can have repairs done at any licensed store. Note that claims must be approved beforehand. National Auto Care is primarily a provider of automotive financing and insurance products, but it also offers automotive service contracts. Is the coverage of the National Auto Care Guarantee good? „Once National Auto Care received all the necessary documents to process my application, they refunded my credit within 5 days. And they quickly sent me a refund cheque for the amount I had overpaid. “ – BBB Customer Assessment Have I purchased GAP coverage from National Auto Care through my dealership in 2016. In 2019, my vehicle was involved in a total accident.

NAC processed the application and paid the balance of the loan 3 and a half weeks after filing all the necessary documents. I contacted him several times during the process by phone and online chat and had only positive experiences each time. „I had a mechanical problem with my vehicle. When I contacted National Auto, they told me that it was not yet covered when I bought the plan, I was told that everything was covered. I feel cheated and misinformed when buying the plan. “ – BBB Customer Rating A.