Sxsw Performance Agreement

As a result of this contract, which was sent to me by sxsw, I decided to perform Told Slant at the festival As a complete consideration of Artists` performance at SXSW Music, whose reception is recognized, the artists agree with this: 1. Exclusiveness. 1.1. The artist does not present unofficial performances during SXSW in Austin, March 13-19, 2017, between 7:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. CT, as well as all daytime events that SXSW considers conflicting and/or affects SXSW. In-store performances in record stores and all radio and television shows of (10) ten-minute length are not subject to this restriction. 1.2. Artist understands and recognizes that The Artist`s official SXSW showcase is the artist`s first priority.

The artist will not take steps that jeopardize success or jeopardize participation in the official presentation of Artist`s SXSW, including, but not only, accepting invitations to an excessive number of unofficial SXSW shows. Based on several years of experience, these actions have a negative impact on SXSW. 1.3. Before February 13, 2017, Artist SXSW will notify in writing of all unofficial performances where artists will perform from March 13 to 19, 2017 and seek permission for the performance (E-Mail musicfest [at] sxsw [dot] com). 1.4. Foreign artists entering the country via the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), a B visa or a non-work visa may not perform from March 10 to 19, 2017 at public or unofficial shows, DAY OR NIGHT, in Austin. Acceptance and organization of unofficial events (including unofficial events in addition to SXSW Music appointments during their visit to the United States) may result in immediate deportation, withdrawal of passports and denial of entry by U.S. on-board police at U.S.

ports of entry. For more information, visit these pages: 1.4.1. (B Visa / ESTA) 1.4.2. (Work Visa) 1.4.3.SXSW SXSW General General Visa FAQ: 2. If SXSW finds at its sole discretion that the artist or its representatives acted in a manner affecting the viability of Artist`s official SXSW showcase, the following actions are available: 2.1. The artist is removed from the official presentation of SXSW and replaced at the sole discretion of SXSW. 2.2. All hotels booked through SXSW Housing will be cancelled. 2.3. The artist`s registration information is cancelled. 2.4. SXSW will inform the relevant U.S.

immigration authorities of the above measures. We would like to apologise once again for the language of our agreements. We care a lot about the community we serve, and our event is a welcome and safe space for all. Here are the first two sections of the performance agreement as a whole. Despite the language of the article which mentions expulsion as a possible consequence of non-compliance with SXSW rules, the statement states: „There are no expulsion clauses in our current performance agreements.“ SXSW CEO and co-founder Roland Swenson said the festival had never reported an international artist to immigration authorities. The standard SXSW agreement, which uses threats of expulsion in a way that, given the current political climate, now feels particularly reckless and nasty, given the current political climate? Do they do so for the relatively petty reason of preventing people from playing unauthorized events that rival official showcass? Whether SXSW`s intentions are malicious or not, is it not profoundly insensitive at a time when racist and anti-immigrant hate crimes are on the rise when families are separated, when DREAMers are deported without a hearing? At the same time, it is not clear that SXSW fully describes the narrow circumstances that allow exceptions.