Youth Agreement

Youth Agreement (YAG) – A legal agreement between 16 to 18-year-olds and the MCFD to live independently. You should call the children`s helpline. Call 310-1234 (no prefix) or dial 0 of any B.C phone to call the operator and request the children`s helpline. The Rep can help children and teenagers in B.C. … State Assistance – Means anyone who has lived in nursing homes, group homes, child and adolescent psychiatrists, addiction centres, child care centres or independent housing. If you are in one of these places, you might have had one of these statuses: youth contracts, expanded family placements, 54.1, custody, temporary custody order, voluntary custody warrant, any child or teenager can contact us and talk to someone who decides if we can help you. … To apply for an agreement, you must be between the age of 19 and 26 and, on your 19th birthday, they were in one of the following host plans: Part of the representative`s role is to ensure that existing programs and services meet the needs of children and youth in B.C.

It has the power to monitor and verify these services and to make recommendations for changes … Badges – A visual representation of the activities you have done on For each of the three badges you deserve, you are entitled to a real benefit (as long as you are a teenager in or out of the state in 24 years or less). As a child in care, your rights have the right to participate in social and recreational activities, where appropriate and based on your skills and interests. Contact us to learn more about the rights of children and adolescents… Aging – this is what happens when a teenager under state guardianship reaches the age of 19 and is no longer under the tutelage of the Ministry of Child and Family Development. Transition – The time when a young person moves from taking over the state to an independent life. Jennifer Charlesworth has been the Rep since October 2018. It is committed to ensuring that the rights and opinions of young adults who are stunted into development and children and adolescents in B.C. in the first place in decisions… Contact us to learn more about youth agreements and how they work. We can help you understand why you weren`t eligible, and we can help you talk to the people who made the decision so they know how…

A youth agreement is a legal agreement between you and the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) in case of extreme distress.